MAY, 2024
In November 2023, Oracle announced that all legacy Taleo Career Websites will be taken permanently offline (sunsetted) in May, 2024. All customers are required to migrate to the Taleo Career Center, which is available in every Taleo system, but the Career Center (which is fully explained on this site) must first be fully configured, branded, and correctly deployed.    MORE INFORMATION

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There is no catch. We promise. We do hope to amaze you with our Taleo Business Edition and TBE Career Center expertise, but there is no obligation.

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What is a Free TBE Career Website Readiness Assessment & Guidebook?

A Taleo expert will assess your existing TBE system including the Career website, evaluate all potential break points which will be disrupted in May 2024, and then provide you with a customized, no-strings attached report card & guidebook, complete with annotations of your existing Taleo online career website. This complimentary assessment will show you what is required to be updated in your Taleo system before the May 2024 deadline, and how to take advantage of the Taleo Career Center technology, which will generate more applicants for all of your open requisitions going forward.

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Relax. RecruitingDash does all the work, and then we present the results to you.
  • Once you complete the form to the left, we'll immediately schedule an hour meeting with you 7-10 days from now where we will present the final TBE Career Website Readiness Assessment & Guidebook to you.
  • Then one of our TBE Consultants will do the comprehensive TBE Career Website Readiness Assessment. The assessment is free consulting: it takes 4-5 hours for our team to prepare, and includes annotated screen shots of your existing Taleo career website, completely marked up to show you what must be updated in your Taleo system before Oracle’s May 2024 deadline.
  • We will then share and explain all of our findings and recommendations, including a customized business case for implementing TBE Career Center and a comprehensive detailed report to share with your team.

Way More Candidates Guaranteed!

If you choose to have RecruitingDash make the required Taleo updates, we guarantee that you’ll receive at least 15% more applicants (most of our customers actually receive 30-40% more applicants once they start using Taleo Career Center). If you don’t receive 15% more applicants, RecruitingDash will refund 100% of our fees.