Save Recruiters Time And Fill Jobs Faster With These TBE
Career Center Best Practices

If you aren't using these features - you should be! Your Career Website is a powerful tool for attracting talent, so make sure to put your best foot forward. If you need help, RecruitingDash is happy to assist in implementing these best practice configurations.

Taleo Two-Step Application


One of the best practice feature that many customers have not yet taken advantage of is Taleo's Two-Step Application.

  • Generates even more applicants.
  • Saves time.
  • Further automates the collection of candidate data.
  • Improves the candidate experience with a streamlined application process.
  • Improves candidate engagement and job offer closing rates.

How It Works

If you use TBE, the Two-Step Application feature is already included in your Taleo system! It just has to be set up and properly configured.

Once configured, instead of one, often lengthy online job application, Taleo's Two-Step Application technology allows you to create a simple and efficient Two-Step Job Application for candidates:

  1. Every applicant completes a streamlined first job online application when they first apply to an open requisition on your Taleo career website.
  2. Then, later in the recruitment process, at whatever point you choose, your Taleo system will automatically deliver a second application (the second step) via email to applicants advancing in the recruitment process.

Best Practices

  • Reduce the number of questions on the first job application to generate more applicants at the top of your recruitment funnel.
  • Generate even more candidates by having a lean, streamlined first-application, which reduces candidate abandonment rates (more candidates will complete a short form application than a long form).
  • Configure Taleo to automatically trigger the 2-Step Application at whatever best step in your recruiting process works for your organization (like after the phone screen, or after the in-person interview).
  • Automate the collection of additional information (like references, salary history, or background check authorization) so recruiters don't have to request this information manually, saving recruiters valuable time and reducing manual administration tasks.
  • Candidate experience is improved because late stage recruits are much more willing to provide additional information, because they are making progress in your recruitment process and getting closer to potentially receiving an offer.