MAY, 2024
In November 2023, Oracle announced that all legacy Taleo Career Websites will be taken permanently offline (sunsetted) in May, 2024. All customers are required to migrate to the Taleo Career Center, which is available in every Taleo system, but the Career Center (which is fully explained on this site) must first be fully configured, branded, and correctly deployed.    MORE INFORMATION

May 2024 Oracle Taleo Career Website Sunset - Action Required

Taleo Features and Functionality That Will Be Impacted

  • All Taleo Career Websites will stop working in May 2024
  • If using the legacy Career Website in any capacity, without migrating to Taleo’s Career Center, your TBE career website will become non-operational (unavailable) in May 2024 and candidates will not be able to view, search, or apply to any of your jobs. This includes all external career websites, and any specialized Taleo Career websites such as internal career website, college career websites, subsidiary career websites, etc.

  • Every link to your existing Taleo career website(s) requires updates on all websites (including your company's corporate website)
  • Unless you make all required changes, all the links to your Taleo career page will be broken. Candidates won't be able to access your TBE career website and will not be able to view, search, or apply to your jobs. Candidates will receive an error message when they click on links to view your jobs, completed a job application or utilize other career website functionality.

  • All Taleo Job Posting Links Will Break
  • Links to your career website and online candidate application in job postings at sites such as LinkedIn, Careerbuilder, or Indeed will break. Paid job postings may be wasted as candidates will not be able to click through to apply to your jobs.

  • Taleo Email Templates Will Have Broken Links
  • Any Taleo Email Templates with links to the old Career Website will require HTML updates with new, correct links to the proper Taleo Career Center. If this is not completed, candidates clicking links to the legacy Career Website in automated Taleo emails will experience broken links.

  • Your Internal Career Website(s) Will Also be Permanently Disabled
  • Internal candidates (employees and staff) will be unable to view, search and apply for jobs on any internal Taleo career websites. All Taleo Internal Job Alerts will stop functioning

  • Taleo Job Alerts will Break, disrupting Taleo’s automated candidate generation mechanism
  • Candidates who have set Taleo job alerts will not be alerted to newly posted jobs, since the legacy Career Website will be permanently taken offline. This will result in fewer candidates for all newly posted jobs.

  • The Taleo Job Template Library May Have Broken Links
  • Because many job templates in the Taleo Job Template Library have links to the legacy Career Website, all job templates must be inspected and updated prior to May 2024. If required updates are not made, candidates will experience broken links in job descriptions, resulting in fewer candidate applications and a negative candidate experience.

  • ...and 12 other potential issues impacting both candidates and team members.
  • There may be other impacts to your currently configured system depending on how your organization uses Taleo and what other systems are integrated or related to Taleo

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TBE Career Website Sunset FAQ's

What You Must Do To Assure Your Taleo System Continues to Work Correctly

Do-it-yourself to identify and fix everything prior to May 2024.

Download and review the official Oracle documentation (1 hour)

Inspect, assess and identify all impacts of the Taleo Career Website Retirement to your specific Taleo system (4+ hours)

Review every pertinent Taleo module to determine impacted functionality. Also evaluate impacted non-Taleo websites such as all organizational websites, all Taleo email templates, all Taleo Job Templates, and any third party job posting sites (Indeed, LinkedIn, etc) which scrape your Taleo system.

Configure critical Taleo functionality prior to May 2024 (15-60+ hours)

Although the Taleo Career Center functionality is already available in your existing Taleo system, it must be configured, custom corporate branding must be applied, and everything needs to be tested and properly deployed. NOTE: You must do this for every Taleo Career Website currently in use.

Required migration to Taleo's Career Center is not just a "flip a switch" process

Each required Career Center (most organizations will require more than one) will require the following configurations, depending on your organization’s specific requirements: Online job application must be configured to meet compliance and organizational standards, job search criteria and job search results must be setup according to industry best practices, all branding and logos require updates, system email templates require HTML updates and a number of other Taleo modifications.

Troubleshoot missed configurations of critical items after the Taleo Career Website Sunset in May 2024 (1-20 hours)

Some Taleo reconfigurations may be required after the Career Website has been sunsetted. If you miss any required updates, key Taleo features will break that may impact your recruiters, candidates, job postings, applicant flow, and other key processes and will need to be fixed immediately.

Let RecruitingDash prepare a custom Taleo Career Website Assessment and Guidebook, and complete the required Taleo reconfigurations & provide support.

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  1. RecruitingDash will make all required updates to Taleo, AND
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...OR Use your RecruitingDash Taleo Career Website Assessment & Guidebook to implement all required changes yourself (15-40+ hours)

Follow the clearly outlined steps provided in the RecruitingDash Taleo Career Website Assessment & Guide to resolve all break points and eliminate the risk for your organization.

RecruitingDash will support you throughout the whole process (invaluable)

When you, or your marketing or IT team have questions, we will be here to support the entire process. If you follow our Taleo Career Website Assessment & Guidebook, and there are issues after the Taleo Career Website sunset date of May 2024, we'll be there to make adjustments and help you resolve the issues as quickly as possible.

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